Charli Zarosinski

Oregon Licensed Direct Entry Midwife (LDM)

Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)



Charli was born and raised in rural Oregon.  She grew up with an affinity for the outdoors, singing, and caring for living beings.  She moved from her home town to pursue a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology from Oregon State University and ultimately graduated from Portland State University.  Shortly after graduation, she was asked to attend a friend's birth in an out-of-hospital setting as a support person.  This birth turned Charli's current educational plans upside down, as she had come to realize the career path she was meant for.

Charli became a DONA-trained doula in 2011 and has joyously been attending births ever since then.  She updated her doula training with CAPPA in 2017.  She has over 90 births of experience in attending hospital births, birth center birth, and home birth.  She also has experience attending VBAC and cesarean births.  

She pursued a midwifery education starting in 2013 and graduated from Birthingway College of Midwifery with a BS in Midwifery in 2017.  Charli then became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and is partnered in midwifery practice with Right at Home Midwifery.

Charli is well rounded in her birth work.  She is deeply committed to birth clients, and also teaches childbirth education, and is trained in placenta medicine.  Through her doula work she was named one of Portland’s Top 13 Best Doulas in 2017 by Expertise.

Charli is drawn to supporting and honoring people as they claim the power of their own birthing experience.  She is grateful to be of service to birthing people and their families throughout the experiences and transformations of the childbearing year. She values the authenticity, compassion, and vulnerability that she both expresses and is witness to throughout her midwifery work.

Outside of caring for her clients and attending births, she enjoys hiking and playing in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, dancing salsa, reading, and spending time with her close community of family and friends.