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Charli was a fantastic doula to have during pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period. She is smart and knowledgeable about all things birth and has a calm, light hearted energy that I loved. She helped my husband and I prepare for the big day and work through any questions and concerns before the baby came. It being our first child she was a tremendous help during labor knowing when to step in and how and giving support to my husband too. Having home visits after the baby arrived was invaluable as well, as breastfeeding certainly isn't as easy as it looks when getting started. I would highly recommend Charli to anymore looking to have extra support and knowledge during their time of bringing a child into this world. She's the best! -- Sam

Charli is a wise old soul and Portland is fortunate to have her. She is kind and funny and smart. She was a really beautiful part of our birth team. My placenta pills have been hugely helpful and her continued support through postpartum has been awesome. If I were having more babies Charli would be a part of my team without a doubt. -- Anna

Charli's care and presence during the birth of our daughter was such a gift for our family.  As new parents, we felt blessed to have her support throughout all states of the journey.  Her presence allowed for such a comfortable atmosphere, where we were able to fully be ourselves.  Charli has a gift for holding space for others and her trust in the birthing process allowed for a truly empowering experience.  We were able to call on her support whenever we felt it was needed and she always showed up with loving kindness and helpful advice.


From the moment we met Charli at our first home visit I felt a connection.  She is down to earth, funny, and easy to talk to.  My husband and I had originally wanted to give birth at a birthing center but because I am self employed, income was tight and we had to stick to a hospital birth.  I was really intimidated by the hospital atmosphere and know that I needed something outside of my partner and I to help us feel confident in our birth plan, so we started our search for a doula.  Charli was the first doula to respond to the only doula we interviewed.  She made my husband and I feel confident in our convictions to have a natural unmedicated vaginal birth.  She came to our home, was patient with our rowdy dog and tactful and kind answering questions for my 7 year old stepdaughter.  In the weeks prior to our birth my mother was having some anxiety about how her visit with us postpartum should go as well as her transition into grandmotherhood.  Charli took the time to answer her questions and give her the necessary confidence.  Three days past my due date we had a routine OB appointments expecting to have my membrane stripped and head home.  To our surprise the doctors told us that my fluid was low and we needed to be induced and head straight to labor and delivery.  Pitocin was something I was strongly against and had never incorporated into my birth plan.  Charli helped my husband and I stay practical and grounded throughout the chaotic transition.  We tried other methods but eventually had to start the Pitocin.  Charli arrived at the hospital just before they started.  Her and the nurse recognized each other from previous births and worked together seemlessly to work with my body.  I couldn't stay in the bed, I was only comfortable in the tub or on the toilet.  Charli helped me find positions, encouraged my organic breathing technique, helped talk me down from requesting pain medication and really helped me to trust my body.  Her being there allowed for my husband and I to have an intimate and powerful birth experience despite the hospital atmosphere.  Charli and the nurse worked together to keep the pitocin dose low which enabled me to labor without other interventions.  When it was time to push Charli and our nurse tried to set me up in the bed for delivery, but I could not stand to be in the bed, it increased my pain and made me feel out of control.  I jumped out of bed and pushed standing up for only 25 minutes with just the nurse, Charli and my husband cheering me on.  At the very last minute the nurse called in the doctors because she knew they would force me into bed for delivery if they were called any sooner.  Feeling trusted by Charli to labor on my terms was the most powerful experience of my life.  I felt such a connection with my baby because it felt like we did this together because we trusted each other, and that bond is already guiding us through life together.  I highly recommend Charli, she is the perfect balance of medical training and "woo woo".  She's realistic and was able to shift and support every unexpected change in our birth plan.  She was prepared and level headed when dealing with medical professionals.  She has all the skills and is charming too! -- Katharine